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Aaron Lynch is the Chief Strategist for Safety in the Market and is a regular and valued instructor at educational seminars across the globe. Aaron's trading career began in 1999 and he has extensive experience trading shares, options and commodities, especially his favourite market, oil futures. Aaron is also a regular contributor to industry publications including Yahoo! 7 Finance, Your Trading Edge magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine and is a sought-after commentator on financial issues in the press and on radio. Aaron's primary advice to those looking to get started trading in the stock market: "It's one thing to have the desire to trade but quite another to develop the necessary skills to trade successfully. Education is the all-important first step for anyone serious about making money in the stock market."

Latest Posts

Seasonal Time at it Again!

15 Feb, 2012
The political and financial landscape is a quagmire if you believe what you read in the newspapers.

No Christmas Rally For Australian Market!

16 Jan, 2012
Welcome to 2012 and the Safety in the Market Monthly Newsletter. I hope you have enjoyed the festive season and found time to set some goals and outcomes for your financial well-being this year.

Making  the most of Commodity Moves

13 Oct, 2011
Recent moves in the US dollar have followed on to the commodities space. The crude oil market has delivered a neat double bottom pattern that is balanced in price and time, with a move from $75 to $86 so far.

Golden Times?

23 Sep, 2011
The current technical position of the gold futures market makes it ripe for a sell off.

The Road Ahead?

15 Sep, 2011
The market certainly feels very different in September, 2011 than it did this time last year.

Banking on St George!

1 Mar, 2004
Focussing on the recent movement in St George Bank SGB, an ABC trade stands out as one to watch. SGB one of our major banks has been trending quite strongly since early February of this year.

NCM Double Tops and ABC Trading

16 Feb, 2004
A question that often arises in discussion is what does and what doesn''t constitute a double top or double bottom.
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