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Aaron Lynch is the Chief Strategist for Safety in the Market and is a regular and valued instructor at educational seminars across the globe. Aaron's trading career began in 1999 and he has extensive experience trading shares, options and commodities, especially his favourite market, oil futures. Aaron is also a regular contributor to industry publications including Yahoo! 7 Finance, Your Trading Edge magazine and Stocks & Commodities magazine and is a sought-after commentator on financial issues in the press and on radio. Aaron's primary advice to those looking to get started trading in the stock market: "It's one thing to have the desire to trade but quite another to develop the necessary skills to trade successfully. Education is the all-important first step for anyone serious about making money in the stock market."

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Commodities and Currencies Update 3rd November 2015

3 Nov, 2015
Broad market support was seen in the US and European markets last night and should see the local market supported on the open. Metals and energies were lower last night which may weigh on the market as we wait to hear from the RBA later today. 

Commodities and Currencies Update 27th October 2015   

27 Oct, 2015
Natural Gas fell 9% lower overnight with crude and brent oil also sliding. The index markets were also flat across the main regions and currencies again showed a bias to US dollar strength. Expect some pressure on materials and resource stocks on the open this morning.

Commodities and Currencies Update 26th October 2015

26 Oct, 2015
A positive end to the weeks trade across all major centre's of equity markets shows a taste for a more risk on mode in market sentiment. As the rise in rates in the US has again been kicked further down the road we again see a return to more normalised volatility. Commodities and currencies showed movement with the Dollar index gaining strength and placing a bearish frame around the commodities space.

Commodities and Currencies Update 23rd October 2015

23 Oct, 2015
ECB keeps rates on hold and leaves the door open for me QE to meet inflation targets. This sent global equity markets higher and with better reporting on companies like EBAY, Amazon and Mc Donalds US markets were up strongly. This meant a stronger Dollar index weaker Euro and commodities struggled somewhat under the dollar strength. Expect a strong start to local markets this morning.

Commodities and Currencies Update 22nd October 2015   

22 Oct, 2015
Another patchy evening session on the US markets saw the SP500 drift back to the 2000 point level and close on its low at 2008 in the futures market. Energy and metals prices were down as the US dollar index pushed higher, the big move in currencies was the Loonie down 1 cent against the USD to 7607.

Commodities and Currencies Update 21st October 2015

21 Oct, 2015
Again US earnings growth has been a topic of discussion, a flat session in the US has seen SP500 index remain above the 2000 point level. Weakness was again seen in energy prices with metals showing some signs of improvement.

Commodities and Currencies Update 20th October 2015

20 Oct, 2015
Markets were broadly softer overnight as energy and metals prices were lower. Reforms from the Murray Report continue to hang over the Banks/Finance space, concerns over the "real" numbers emanating out of China and the Canadian elections all lead the news headlines.

Commodities and Currencies Update 16th October 2015

16 Oct, 2015
A strong session across most asset classes last night as the SP 500 closed above 2000 points last night. Added to this a strong move in Europe and Asia with stronger energy prices will see good initial gains on the open this morning.

Commodities and Currencies Update 15th October 2015

15 Oct, 2015
Broad based strength is seen to be returning in the precious metals space as we saw some selling pressure in the US equity markets overnight. Trip Advisor and Walmart caught the markets attention last night, currencies saw the US dollar index continue to decline with the Aussie Dollar climbing to close near 73cents USD.
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