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Jordan began working with HUBB Financial in 2001. With over 10 years trading experience Jordan is the Trading Team Manager for optionsXpress Australia. He has a detailed knowledge of stocks, options, foreign exchange, futures and CFDs. Always aiming to be the contrarian, Jordan’s key area of expertise is market sentiment which he utilizes in a holistic approach to market analysis that also includes technical, fundamental and economic measures.

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Is it Really Golden?

6 Jul, 2009
Moving averages (MAs) are often the first technical indicator learnt when studying technical analysis, and why not they are straight forward and help gauge where a market is in relation to its history.

Gaps - Fade or Follow?

12 Jun, 2009

The market myths that many people seem to hold as truth often amaze me. One from an Australian perspective is that if the US Market has a down day (overnight in Australia) the Aussie market will finish lower the next day. No doubt a similar belief may be held in the States regarding Australian and Asian markets, though I am sure their movements are far less publicized.

Elliott Supporting Gann and Fibonacci

5 Jun, 2009

Two names synonymous with Technical Analysis are Gann and Elliott, each having their die hard followers. As in many walks of life, people claim their area of study to be the best. Just look at diets, martial arts, weight loss programs or anything related to some kind of personal improvement. Practitioners of each style or method claim theirs is the best, hands down. The funny thing is most work in a similar manner to the same end. Trading in many ways is no different. I am a fan of the saying, “If it works use it!!”

Bring Back the Uptick Rule

29 May, 2009

What was the SEC thinking leading up to July 6th 2007? That is the day when the uptick rule - a rule in place since 1934 to help keep markets orderly - was removed. Famous Investor Lazlo Birinyi has been among those calling for its reinstatement for some time and is now joined by several members of US congress. It’s about time!

Avoiding the Next Brisconnections

8 May, 2009
There has been quite a bit controversy in the  press regarding Brisconnections in the last few months and for good reason, the  situation really is astounding. What seemed like a safe, income stock to many  retail investors was actually an instrument carrying huge liabilities.

A Standard Rally?

9 Apr, 2009

The current up move that is occurring across many of the major equity indices around the world has many including myself asking, at least rhetorically, how far can it go? A long way if it is the beginning of a new bull market! However, let’s assume for this discussion that we expect some more bumps along the way before a new bull market takes hold.

It's All Relative

20 Mar, 2009
Over this period of bear market action I have been continually dismayed by statistics used in the mainstream media. Statements like "...the Dow had its largest one day decline in history" may sound fair enough, but when we are talking about absolute changes in price they are really quite useless.

Trailing Stops

4 Apr, 2008
It’s funny how old clichés often ring true, but then again I guess that’s how they become clichés in the first place.

Bollinger Confirmations

20 Mar, 2008
Seeing John Bollinger speak a few years ago at the Oasis conference in Santa Clara, USA was a great experience for me personally – his Bollinger Bands indicator is one of my favourite technical tools.
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