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Lachlan McPherson is an equity analyst with the HUBB Financial Group based in the United States. His sophisticated understanding of the macroeconomic picture enables him to focus on technically-timed, fundamental plays and his expertise is a feature of HUBB’s various course materials on both trading and investing. An accomplished media presenter, Lachlan regularly shares his equities research on Sky News, Sky Business and Yahoo! 7 Finance. He has enjoyed an extensive and varied career, including roles as a business development manager across the Asia-Pacific region, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Latest Posts

Time for a pullback?

15 Nov, 2010
The market has been waiting for a number of issues to come to play before deciding on its next step forward.

Thinking Long Term

30 Aug, 2010
If you follow the financial markets in any shape or form, it has been near impossible to miss the vast amount of merger and acquisition activity taking place under the current global circumstances.

It's Been a Wonderful Time

23 Aug, 2010
It’s been a wonderful time in the markets. We’ve seen a very clear trend and if you were on board using Elliott Wave Analysis you would have no doubt seen some excellent trades.

The Insanity of Markets

16 Aug, 2010
The Markets can be a harsh mistress at times, moving against all rationale at the drop of a hat.

Market Action

23 Jul, 2010

It’s been an eventful week for global indices, with a number of influential factors causing the Australian bourse to see-saw its way to its current position, comfortably above the 4200 mark although still threatening to re-test those levels over the coming month.

Feeling the Pain

5 Jul, 2010
We saw a strong change in sentiment for the last week of June, as markets wound up their worst quarter since the Global Financial crisis.
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