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Lachlan McPherson is an equity analyst with the HUBB Financial Group based in the United States. His sophisticated understanding of the macroeconomic picture enables him to focus on technically-timed, fundamental plays and his expertise is a feature of HUBB’s various course materials on both trading and investing. An accomplished media presenter, Lachlan regularly shares his equities research on Sky News, Sky Business and Yahoo! 7 Finance. He has enjoyed an extensive and varied career, including roles as a business development manager across the Asia-Pacific region, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Latest Posts

Don't Underestimate False Hope

8 Jun, 2012
Welcome back, readers! Friday is upon us and the markets are yet again grasping at gains after the momentous slide of the past month.

Grinding On...

18 May, 2012
It’s been a gloomy week for markets across the globe.

The Great US Rebound

4 May, 2012
US Markets retreated slightly today (2 May) following a minor fall in new jobs for the month and higher European unemployment.

Choosing Carefully

27 Apr, 2012
At this week’s Trade Strategies and TradingKey sessions we discussed the fact that this a time when sentiment is vital and volatile market swings are likely.

The Best Problem To Have

13 Apr, 2012
The US technology sector has a problem. Not a bad problem, but a problem nonetheless.

Making The Most of The Aussie

5 Apr, 2012
As we become accustomed to life above parity with the US dollar, it’s easy to forget that not so long ago the Aussie Dollar was range trading below US80 cents.

Apple's IPad 3: Will it Deliver?

30 Mar, 2012
As with every Apple release, the March arrival of the new iPad 3 was one of the largest technological events of 2012.
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