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Lachlan McPherson is an equity analyst with the HUBB Financial Group based in the United States. His sophisticated understanding of the macroeconomic picture enables him to focus on technically-timed, fundamental plays and his expertise is a feature of HUBB’s various course materials on both trading and investing. An accomplished media presenter, Lachlan regularly shares his equities research on Sky News, Sky Business and Yahoo! 7 Finance. He has enjoyed an extensive and varied career, including roles as a business development manager across the Asia-Pacific region, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Latest Posts

Recession? What Recession?

10 Feb, 2012
With all the talk of recession, doom and gloom in global markets and a diabolical credit situation, one could be forgiven for thinking the world was about to end…

Europe Gets an Early Christmas Present

23 Dec, 2011
There’s nothing like leaving things till the last minute and the European Central Bank’s (ECB) three-year offering to European banks was no exception.

Chasing China

16 Dec, 2011
In a market obsessed with Eurozone issues and the U.S. debt ceiling, it is easy to forget the true drivers behind the Australian economy.
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