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In 2006, Lauren Jones decided to turn her interest in the stock market into a career in trading. She completed her studies with the Safety in the Market Platinum Program and is now an experienced and successful trader. Lauren is a greatly admired seminar trainer and a regular contributor to the Safety in the Market publications, specialising in the Australian market in general and the banking sector in particular.

Latest Posts

Too Easy!

26 Oct, 2012
Australian Banks are at very interesting positions.

Is it 'Mac' Time?

12 Oct, 2012
My mate Helen recently asked me about a double top setup on Macquarie Group (ASX:MQG) and if you check out the Discussion Forum, you will see the charts she posted.

Double Your Money in 6 Months!

17 Aug, 2012
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is currently offering an interest rate of 4.4% p.a. on a five-month term deposit


10 Aug, 2012
At Safety in the Market we believe that history repeats.

Coffee Anyone?

6 Jul, 2012
I took a nice little trade on coffee this week so thought I should share.
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