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In 2006, Lauren Jones decided to turn her interest in the stock market into a career in trading. She completed her studies with the Safety in the Market Platinum Program and is now an experienced and successful trader. Lauren is a greatly admired seminar trainer and a regular contributor to the Safety in the Market publications, specialising in the Australian market in general and the banking sector in particular.

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Wells Fargo is a-comin' to town!

23 Mar, 2012
Globally, the financial sectors in general (and the banking sectors in particular) are operating at levels far below the highs we saw in 2007 before the GFC.

Stalking the Market

16 Mar, 2012
Australia’s Macquarie Bank copped a credit rating downgrade this week, following recent downgrades of three of the big four banks from ‘AA’ to ‘AA-‘. What does all this mean to traders?

Look for a Trending Market

9 Mar, 2012
Novice traders often find the easiest way to be profitable is to trade a trending market.

Update on Silver

2 Mar, 2012
We have seen a terrific run up on silver this year following the triple bottoms but we are now faced with a potential double top.

Equity Market Overview

24 Feb, 2012
Taking a quick look at some of the equity markets, one could be excused for looking for a top at the moment.

Trading With CFDs

17 Feb, 2012
Most of us have heard of leverage. Anyone who has ever had a home loan knows the benefit of borrowing money to buy your own home when you haven’t got the capital to buy it yourself.

Which Bank?

15 Feb, 2012
If you are interested in trading the Banking Sector but haven’t as yet started specialising in any particular stocks, an analysis of the ‘Big 4’ provides an interesting comparison.

Get the Picture?

3 Feb, 2012

I was recently asked about a setup on an Australian stock called Santos (ASX:STO) where the chart revealed both a double bottom and a double top.

Long Silver, John!

13 Jan, 2012
Since its dramatic fall in September last year I have been watching for silver to form a clear trend or provide some form of tradeable setup.
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