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In 2006, Lauren Jones decided to turn her interest in the stock market into a career in trading. She completed her studies with the Safety in the Market Platinum Program and is now an experienced and successful trader. Lauren is a greatly admired seminar trainer and a regular contributor to the Safety in the Market publications, specialising in the Australian market in general and the banking sector in particular.

Latest Posts

A Weekly Perspective on Westpac

6 Jan, 2012
At a recent two-day Trading Tactics class in Melbourne, a student asked about shorting a possible double top on Westpac (ASX:WBC).

Is the Market Out to Mug Us?

15 Dec, 2011
Students who follow the Discussion Forums might have noticed I recently posted “the market seems to be out to mug us at the moment!

Staying Calm when the Market is in Panic

15 Nov, 2011
What an exciting Gann Jump Start we have had in Sydney this week! The seasonal date fell during workshop so we were watching for a turn on the market and the market duly delivered.

Anticipating the Dividend

28 Oct, 2011
The dividend payment for Westpac Bank (ASX:WBC) is due early next month. This is a good time to take a look at the market action for this Australian major and consider how we might trade into and out of that date.

Polishing the Silver

13 Oct, 2011
There were some happy Silver traders in September with the big fall into the 26th. You can read more about the analysis behind that setup in my September article...

Becoming a Specialist

12 Sep, 2011
Safety in the Market instructors are often asked: “What market should I specialise in?”

Banking on a Setup

5 Sep, 2011
A key part of any trading plan is looking for set ups and if you are finding that part of your trading analysis boring, then so be it.

Searching For A Silver Lining

29 Aug, 2011
While the equities markets have been having an interesting time lately, Silver has also been intriguing (SI-SpotV in ProfitSource).
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