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In 2006, Lauren Jones decided to turn her interest in the stock market into a career in trading. She completed her studies with the Safety in the Market Platinum Program and is now an experienced and successful trader. Lauren is a greatly admired seminar trainer and a regular contributor to the Safety in the Market publications, specialising in the Australian market in general and the banking sector in particular.

Latest Posts

Shorting into the Fall

15 Aug, 2011
While many might not have been short for the big falls on the Dow and the SPI, there were a few nice short opportunities leading into this period...

How to Pick a Profitable Trade

18 Jul, 2011
At a recent Safety in the Market Interactive Trading Workshop, we were analysing the 1-day ABC setups from our ProfitSource scans.

Trading for a Living

20 Jun, 2011
Do you want to trade the markets for a living? Are you looking for an alternative business to the one you are currently in?

My Favourite Setup

30 May, 2011
Those who have been following my Safety in the Market articles on Australian banks over the past year will have noticed how I love to see a setup on 50% of a range.

Volume Speaks Out

17 May, 2011
In my last article on Westpac I pointed out that it had finally pushed up above the 50% level that has acted as resistance for the past year.

It's All a Routine!

18 Apr, 2011
Do you have a routine that you follow every day? When you wake up do you always shower, have breakfast, clean your teeth then leave for work?

Backtesting - Where Hindsight becomes your Foresight

21 Mar, 2011
I have lost count of the number of times I have suggested to Safety in the Market students that “backtesting will confirm that”, “the only way to find out is to backtest”, “get to know your market by backtesting” and similar comments.
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