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From a background in law and communications, Tim Walker began his studies with Safety in the Market in 2005 and completed the Platinum Program in 2007. Inspired by the financial empowerment that the methods of David Bowden and W.D. Gann offer traders at every level, Tim joined the Education Support team in July, 2007 and is now a presenter at our advanced-level seminars. He believes a disciplined approach to the material is essential and that profitable trading is available to anyone willing to put in the work. Tim sees his role as mutually beneficial - by helping others achieve success, he improves his own trading skills.

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Follow  the Yellow Brick Road

18 Mar, 2013
Corny title, but it makes a point. Everyone has read in the Smarter Starter Pack that the “trend is your friend” and that you should trade with the trend.

Taking  Out Insurance

15 Nov, 2012
It’s hard to imagine QBE as a glamour stock, yet its ongoing woes in 2012 have been a goldmine for Gann traders.

The  Practicalities of Trading

17 Sep, 2012
Have you ever had the experience of back-testing a period of the market that you were watching and/or trading and wondered how you missed all the excellent trading opportunities that were there?

Breaking  Old Highs

18 Jul, 2012
As technical analysts, we accept the notion that there are  mathematical rules that govern the prices of stocks and commodities.

Always Be Prepared!

18 Jun, 2012
This old motto of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides could well be applied to the stock and commodity markets.

A Tale of  Two Stocks

15 May, 2012
In last month’s article, I considered the position of two stocks – AT&T Corporation (T:NYSE) and Occidental Petroleum (OXY:NYSE), which showed clearly identifiable price formations to tweak the interest of traders.

Go With The Strength

15 Feb, 2012
Imagine that instead of running your own business as a trader, you were employed on the trading desk of a corporation. What would your job description be?
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