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From farmer to high school teacher to successful investor and financial advisor, Tom Scollon's career path has been diverse. Yet this interesting mix has resulted in far-reaching experience in a range of industries and enabled him to enjoy unmitigated success trading the markets. He has invested successfully on the Australian stockmarket for more than 20 years trading equities, options and other financial instruments using technical analysis techniques to determine trends and chart market movements. Tom believes that studying simple trends such as price and volume can reveal much about a stock’s prospects. He uses technical indicators such as “On Balance Volume”, “Bollinger Bands” and “Elliott Wave” to predict where the market might head next. He is a great teacher and in his articles he translates his views into easy-to-understand concepts for all levels of traders, and has thus developed a strong following over the years.

Latest Posts

Editor Is In Training

14 Jul, 2003
Whilst you are snow skiing or sunning yourself on the northern beaches yours truly is head down at an Optionetics seminar in Brisbane.

Editor Reports From Korea

7 Jul, 2003
What a “rags to riches’ story Korea (south) has been, although like most global economies there is still some caution about the global economic recovery.

Psyche Up Or Ship Out

7 Jul, 2003
It is extremely difficult to be a successful trader if you don’t have the right frame of mind.

Editor Queries Squaring The Books

23 Jun, 2003
Year-end for Fund Managers is nigh – and for all of us really. Although many retail investors rarely carry out much “spring cleaning”.
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