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Banks Want to Pop

Tom Scollon 20 Jul, 2020
there are many shareholders who would like to tighten their holdings in the sector and as soon as the price looks half decent the sellers will come in droves...
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Buy or Bye?

Tom Scollon 14 Jun, 2013
Where to from here will be on the minds of investors globally.
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Banking Avalanche?

Tom Scollon 29 May, 2009

Banking executives, fund managers, investors, retirees watched a little nervously early this week as the short selling ban on Australian local banks was lifted. Was an avalanche about to happen?

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The Sector Spectre

John Jeffery 27 Nov, 2008
One way that major financial institutions go about their stock selection is to employ a process known as top down analysis.
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Banks were Safe as Houses

Tom Scollon 8 Aug, 2008
As you know I am quite happy to take questions and weave the answers into the editorial where appropriate.
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Surprise Surprise

Tom Scollon 1 Aug, 2008
Well well wouldn’t you know it? The banks have finally declared an increase in provisions for write offs.
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It's just a bad smell

Tom Scollon 18 Jul, 2008
Banks are really on the nose at the moment and no-body wants to go near them.
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Horse Bolted?

Tom Scollon 28 Mar, 2008
As I emerged from my Easter retreat I saw through my blurry eyes headlines in the financial press that there was going to be greater regulation of investments banks in the US, and ditto for Australia.
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Worth a Wager?

Tom Scollon 7 Mar, 2008
That is probably a naughty expression and is probably not all that funny considering the banks have caused a lot of heart ache of late for many.
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Top Down Analysis

Jordan Craw 4 Feb, 2008
Top Down Analysis involves determining which stocks have the particular combination of factors – technical, fundamental, economic or political – that constitute a profitable trading opportunity.
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