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AMP Below $5.50?

Tom Scollon 5 May, 2003
$5.50 is the institutional price offer and so those institutions that take up the script in the current fund raising will be keen to support that price.
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Note From the Editor

Tom Scollon 5 May, 2003
This week we have a new contributor – Wayne North. Wayne is based in Melbourne and is an Options Trader on both the Australian and USA markets.
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Keep Your Seat Belt On

Tom Scollon 28 Apr, 2003
Yes – you will need your seat belt on – not that this big dipper ride will be all that rough – but it is precautionary – that is all that is required in this market right now – prudence not fear.
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When is a Good Time to Buy?

Tom Scollon 22 Apr, 2003
This is always a tough question. If you are a long-term investor you may adopt a more cautious approach and wait for clearer confirmation that a bull market is in the making.
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Sorry Mum, I Sold the Shares

Tom Scollon 7 Apr, 2003
Well, what a run the market has had over the last two weeks and so you could be forgiven if you were caught off guard.
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