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Mysteries of Wave Fives

Tom Scollon 9 Nov, 2012
Recently I addressed an issue raised by a question on from a reader named Cam.
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Macquarie Bank Heads Higher

Lauren Jones 2 Nov, 2012
Many Safety in the Market students have been stalking Australian banks recently, due to the nature of the setups on the bigger picture.
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Confirming Elliott

John Jeffery 10 Sep, 2010

Elliott Wave, along with Gann analysis occupies a relatively unique position compared to other forms of analysis. Based upon price action and reaction (upward and downward movements) and the time it takes for those price movements to occur, both Gann’s and Elliott’s theories attempt to pick future turning points in the markets. Of course, there are many other elements of analysis, both technical and fundamental which can support those predictions and it is the application of these supporting arguments that is often the difference between successful and unsuccessful traders.

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Telstra - How Low Can You Go?

Tom Scollon 10 Sep, 2010

I have been watching with some indifference TLS over the last few years, having once been a not insignificant shareholder; taking decent size parcels in all three tranches, but cutting loose not long after. Despite all the upbeat chat at the time of privatising I have always believed they not only would suffer for many years from being a government department despite being so called ‘privatised’ but also that they would always be a political football with too many masters. And the most telling disadvantage was they were a ‘dead in the wall’ organisation with sunset technology in a sunset space. And because of the political issues it could not move fast enough to move to sunrise strategies.

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Blowing in the Wind

John Jeffery 6 Sep, 2010
The deteriorating investment climate and recessionary environment of the last few years has had some interesting impacts on social behaviour and interests.
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Thinking Long Term

Lachlan McPherson 30 Aug, 2010
If you follow the financial markets in any shape or form, it has been near impossible to miss the vast amount of merger and acquisition activity taking place under the current global circumstances.
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It's Been a Wonderful Time

Lachlan McPherson 23 Aug, 2010
It’s been a wonderful time in the markets. We’ve seen a very clear trend and if you were on board using Elliott Wave Analysis you would have no doubt seen some excellent trades.
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The Insanity of Markets

Lachlan McPherson 16 Aug, 2010
The Markets can be a harsh mistress at times, moving against all rationale at the drop of a hat.
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Range Trade for Years?

Tom Scollon 16 Aug, 2010
Someone suggested to me we could see the markets range trade for years – maybe 10 or a dozen years!
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To Have and To Hold

Tom Scollon 19 Jul, 2010
Well it is a beautiful concept and one to strive for when it comes to relationships.
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