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Know Your Bias

Jordan Craw 7 May, 2010

A diversified approach is important in any investment strategy. There are varying levels of diversity from Macro to Micro levels. It is commonly accepted that using a combination of property, stocks and cash is a sound diversification strategy on a macro level.

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Trading Tests

Jordan Craw 9 Apr, 2010

Trading a break of a trend line is one of the oldest technical trading methods around. Like all trading signals, it has its share of false breaks. However, there are a few simple methods to help weed out these false signals.

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The Kiss of Death

Tom Scollon 6 Apr, 2010
Shorting can be the kiss of death for an unsuspecting stock.
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Retracement theory

Tom Scollon 26 Mar, 2010

I had an interesting email this week from a client – Naresh:

…from India and had been following your mails regularly.

I did attend the safety in the market course 5 day trading congress with Mr. David Bowden.

Considering your recent article , don’t you think that we are at a very strong resistance level of 50 % retracement of the total fall and the current up move is about to finish as we are very near to the time by degrees date as well

Shall appreciate your reply for better understanding .



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What if?

Tom Scollon 19 Mar, 2010

What if China’s warning of a double dip recession were to come true? What would you do? When would you do it?

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Elliott and its ways

Tom Scollon 15 Mar, 2010
To many Elliott can be very frustrating and tedious and this can be a major turnoff in using it.
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Commodity Play Revision

Jordan Craw 5 Mar, 2010

Ever written something and upon reading it later realize you didn’t say quite what you meant to? Well that’s exactly what happened recently with my previous article on the hidden foreign exchange risks that often exist in trading instruments based in a currency other than your own.

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Range Trading Markets

Tom Scollon 5 Mar, 2010

Most of us of course like trending markets. They have long moves – up or down – and are easier to identify and invest into and we generally sleep better at night. But we can’t have our way all the time and sometimes markets have insufficient buying or selling force to move them strongly in one direction.

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Trading by Proxy

Tim Walker 1 Mar, 2010
Many traders are interested in trading the commodity markets, and for good reason – they make good trends and generate great returns.
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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Andrew Page 1 Mar, 2010
In principle, making money in the market is all about buying low and selling high. At least that’s what most people tend to think, and a great deal of effort goes into trying to identify stocks with the best growth potential.
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