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Trading Tutors provides a treasure trove of information for the practicing trader and anyone considering trading the markets. It offers a range of trading strategies, tips, comprehensive technical analysis, trading psychology, educational elements, market forecasts and skills development features, all designed to help you profit from trading the markets.

Trading Tutors is designed to equip traders of all levels of sophistication with tools that will assist their development and improve their techniques without having to pay tens of thousands of dollars just to get in the door. We wish you every success with your trading and hope you find Trading Tutors a useful resource.

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When is a Good Time to Buy?

Tom Scollon 22 Apr, 2003
This is always a tough question. If you are a long-term investor you may adopt a more cautious approach and wait for clearer confirmation that a bull market is in the making.
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Sorry Mum, I Sold the Shares

Tom Scollon 7 Apr, 2003
Well, what a run the market has had over the last two weeks and so you could be forgiven if you were caught off guard.

Billabong: Riding the Waves of Success by Dale Gilham Part 2

7 Feb, 2003

In Part One of this article we used Dow Theory of higher peaks and higher troughs to trade this stock from its initial float. Using simple analysis methods and applying these to practical examples will assist you to reinforce various trading techniques and enable you to trade more profitably in the future. What follows is a discussion on the application of Elliott Wave Theory, using it as a guide to highlight how this type of pattern analysis can help reduce risk and provide some indication of where a stock is heading. We will also discuss some interesting characteristics about the stock.


Back To Basics: Thinking Horizontally by Frederic Ruffy of Optionetics

7 Feb, 2003
Investors often experience a progression from the stock market to the world of Options Trading. In addition, as investors become savvier, the appeal of options increases, but the perceived complexity of these instruments diminishes. Sooner or later, traders realise that options hold various advantages over stocks—their ability to structure different types of risk-rewards, the ability to take relatively small amounts of capital to control a much larger amount of capital (a.k.a. leverage), and the ability to trade for profits regardless of market direction. However, although many stock market investors begin to appreciate the flexibility and advantages of options, many also take along with them a bias regarding the stock market. Specifically, there is a tendency for traders to think in terms of market direction: i.e. will this stock or market move higher or lower? But often times, a stock or index will move sideways for a prolonged period of time. In that case, strategies that depend on direction will not yield optimal results and the better approach will require some horizontal thinking.
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