Trusted community,
Trusted ideas

Our community of investors share a consensus of credible investment ideas. It’s a great way to learn about investments and benefit from the experience of others.

The intention is to prioritize trust worthy ideas. In other words, our community is not just a way to find opportunities to profit, more importantly we aim to give our members a way to avoid bad or risky investment ideas through the sharing of knowledge.

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A.I. Trust Rank

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Solving the Problem of Trust

How can you know which online opinions are credible amongst the confusion of chatter and opposing views, let alone those trying to manipulate markets?

HUBB’s crowd driven A.I. algorithm provides a Trust Score for each community generated idea. Of course, when it comes to investing, there are no guarantees, but the higher the Trust, the lower the risk.

Verified Identity

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Avoid the Bots and Bad Actors

The HUBB platform provides community members the ability to verify their identity. This way you can have the comfort of knowing you’re dealing with real identifiable people, not bots or bad actors.

Community Consensus

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The wisdom of the crowd

Our community is not just chat room or general sentiment. You’ll know what proportion of the community agrees with any idea, so you’re never reliant upon the word of a single individual. Rather you have the wisdom of the crowd!

Crowd Driven A.I.

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The Power of People + A.I.

Our crowd driven A.I. is continuously learning from our community. The A.I. tracks all of the ideas and opinions expressed by members of the community to identify those that have real expertise in specific assets or industries. In this way, it’s able to model the strength of consensus and sentiment on any single market across the platform... And more importantly, provide actionable intelligence about the likely validity of any investment idea by assigning a Trust Rank.

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Investment Ideas

Trusted investment ideas are what
the HUBB community is all about!

What makes an idea “Trusted”? As members of the community create new investment ideas and vote on the viability of ideas created by other members of the community, those ideas will be rated based upon the weighted Trust Rank of the individuals who create or vote on the idea.

In other words, the more trusted you are as a community member, the more your vote counts. In this way, ideas that are favoured by the community members with the better track records for selecting good investments will be more highly ranked.

The community aims to attract individuals with expertise and experience in identifying / evaluating investment opportunities in different industries. These individuals will be able to suggest new investment ideas and vote on the viability of other investment ideas within the platform.

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Trust Rank

What is the purpose of the HUBB Trust Rank?

We provide our community member with a “Trust Rank” so that other community members can gain confidence in the ideas generated by the community. It’s like trust in the real world, it’s something that is earned over time. The more you trust someone the more likely you are to listen to what they have to say.

How does the HUBB Trust Rank work?

There are two ways to increase your trust ranking in the community:

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First and foremost, verify your identity, enable two factor authentication, and share as many details with us as you can.

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Secondly, participate actively in the community. The more active you are, the longer you’ve been a member and the better your idea track record is, the greater your trust rank will be.