Classic Software

Our classic range of Investment software has been used by over 100,000 traders and investors. Check out the range of applications and powerful features below.

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Award-winning technical
analysis software.

If you are an active trader wanting to time entry and exits, ProfitSource’s advanced technical analysis platform is the answer for you. With ProfitSource you can design your own trading system and test it on real market data to see how it performs. ProfitSource is best known for its Automated Elliott Wave Analysis!
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made easy.

For long term investors short on time, this revolutionary fundamental analysis software package makes light work of analysing the markets. Features include: > Pre-computed scans
> Short-lists of stocks with the best profit potential
> Quickly select stocks to suit your investment style
> Buy, sell or hold broker recommendations
> Key company stats in seconds
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The Trading Profits

Sophisticated real-time options analysis and trading software with scanning and search capabilities designed to help you identify the most profitable options strategies.
> Compare put and call prices on your selected stocks
> View complex multi-leg option trades and simultaneously compare options prices
> Generate visual representation of each trade’s risk & reward
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Integrated Investor

The Ultimate
Trade Finder.

Integrated investing combines the power of different market analysis techniques to improve share selection and investment portfolio performance. IntegratedInvestor scans the markets and creates a shortlist of the hottest BUY and SELL opportunities on U.S and Australian markets.
Features include:
> Pre-computed trading lists
> Technical dashboard
> Fundamental dashboard
> Broker recommendations
> News & articles